Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Time No Update

It has been a long time since I updated my Blog. Basically not much had changed that is until January of 2009. I was busy in the house putting away my holiday decorations when all of a sudden I felt extremely dizzy. So much so that I knew I had to lay down. The I started to see floaters and flashing lights. Something was terribly wrong. For a week I dealt with excruciating neck pain- I could barely lift my head. The dizziness persisted and I realized that I was experiencing double vision.

After several weeks of this misery I made an appointment with my General Practitioner. After describing my symptoms and the fact that symptoms were ongoing for at this point 3 weeks- he ordered an emergency brain MRI. I tried explaining to him that a Brain MRI wasn't going to show a whole heck of a lot for me. I need a cervical MRI. He wouldn't listen and off I went to a useless Brain MRI. Surprise, surprise the Brain MRI revealed nothing abnormal. I made appointments with a Nero Ophthalmologist and a Neurologist. Maybe one of them could give me some answers before I had to go all the way out to Iowa again.

The Neuro- Ophthalmologist did a very complete exam and concluded that I was experiencing Convergence Insufficiency. My eyes were just not tracking objects correctly hence the double vision. He recommended I get the cervical MRI because "something is definitely going on in there". The Neurologist said my symptoms sound like a migraine but since it has lasted for 30 days he is not sure what to make of it. Looks like Im going to Iowa.

I went out to Iowa in May 2009. I had my Cervical MRI this time he did a CINE MRI to make sure everything was flowing as needed. His conclusion the events in January was a "Vascular Incident" along the lines of a migraine that just happened to last for 30 days. I asked if it was normal for a migraine to last 30 days and he said "No, but your not normal". His recommendation is to take an 81mg low dose aspirin every day. Hopefully that will prevent another incident.

NOTE: I haven't been out to Iowa since 2006. I was supposed to go out in 2008 however Iowa City/Coralville experience a horrible flood. Everything was under water including the hotel I always stay at!I put off my visit for a year because everything was stable and then came January 2009....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back from Iowa

I made it back from Iowa to see my doctor for my checkup. Overall he is quite pleased with my progress. I will just keep doing what Im doing and I will see him again in two years. I always get a little disappointed after my appointments. Intellectually I know that there isn't much else that can be done for me but Im always hoping that there will be some new med or treatment (not surgery I had enough) to make my life just a little easier. Of course there isn't so I don't know why I expect something. Just wishful thinking I guess.

PS- I found out that wearing a neck brace in the airport makes you a target for extra security screening. I was pulled aside at every security checkpoint, patted down, wanded, hands swabbed etc. Thankfully the titanium in my neck did not set off any alarms. It was quite an experience.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Getting Nervous

I am getting nervous about my trip to Iowa with everything going on with flying right now. I leave on August 29 and this will be the first time I have flown alone. Some time to attempt a solo voyage in the midst of a high terror alert. On the plus side- since I will have to check my bag (want to keep my shampoo!) I won't have to carry anything as I run through the airport to make my connection. Trying to see the positive.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Iowa Trip

I am planning on going out to Iowa to see my doctor for a check up next month. Seeing as how nothing has really changed in the last two years(better or worse) Im sure my exam will be fine. I just want to hear him say "Your fine" and I will feel more confident.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bad Cold

I made it through the entire winter without so much as a sniffle. Nice weather comes and bam! I get a bad cold out of no where. It has been a week and most of it has passed. I still have a nagging cough but not too bad. As long as it doesn't turn into pneumonia like last year I will be fine. That was just awful. Not much else to post.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bad Hair Day

I am surviving the week long rain fest. Today there was a break in the rain and I actually saw some sun! I decided to run out and do some errands. I felt dizzy earlier in the day and had some neck pain but I took an Aleeve so it was feeling better not to mention the break in the weather helped.

I really had to get a hair cut. Unfortunately my normal hair guy was not around until next month so I decided to just try my luck at a local (cheaper) place. Silly me. As the woman took me toward the sinks in back I explained that I have a bad neck(understatement of the century) and that I can not lean back into the sink but I can lean forward. She looked horrified. I knew this was not my day. We skipped the wash and went right to the cut. As I sat down in the chair she went over to the receptionist and whispered something to her. High School flashback. On top of that my cut sucks. I was not happy and she made me feel like a leaper. I miss my hair guy :(

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No comment=good news?

I have had a good couple of weeks- minimal symptoms, no headaches, etc. Now the party is over. According to my bible The Weather Channel- the entire week is rainy/crappy. Great. Yesterday I started getting all sorts of rain signals- head throb, rib pain, dizziness, pressure. I even held off on watering my flowers outside because I was sure rain was coming (One benefit to having a doppler radar in my head, never overwatering the flowers). We ended up having a two second sprinkle. All that Hoop La for nothing. Today same story except I watered the flowers :)

Im supposed to be getting together with some friends this weekend. I hope the weather clears because I would like to be able to enjoy it!