Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bad Hair Day

I am surviving the week long rain fest. Today there was a break in the rain and I actually saw some sun! I decided to run out and do some errands. I felt dizzy earlier in the day and had some neck pain but I took an Aleeve so it was feeling better not to mention the break in the weather helped.

I really had to get a hair cut. Unfortunately my normal hair guy was not around until next month so I decided to just try my luck at a local (cheaper) place. Silly me. As the woman took me toward the sinks in back I explained that I have a bad neck(understatement of the century) and that I can not lean back into the sink but I can lean forward. She looked horrified. I knew this was not my day. We skipped the wash and went right to the cut. As I sat down in the chair she went over to the receptionist and whispered something to her. High School flashback. On top of that my cut sucks. I was not happy and she made me feel like a leaper. I miss my hair guy :(

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No comment=good news?

I have had a good couple of weeks- minimal symptoms, no headaches, etc. Now the party is over. According to my bible The Weather Channel- the entire week is rainy/crappy. Great. Yesterday I started getting all sorts of rain signals- head throb, rib pain, dizziness, pressure. I even held off on watering my flowers outside because I was sure rain was coming (One benefit to having a doppler radar in my head, never overwatering the flowers). We ended up having a two second sprinkle. All that Hoop La for nothing. Today same story except I watered the flowers :)

Im supposed to be getting together with some friends this weekend. I hope the weather clears because I would like to be able to enjoy it!