Monday, February 27, 2006

Rough Week

Last week was a rough week for me. I woke up with a headache pretty much every day. The first few days felt more like my normal killer pain behind my left eye , in bed all day, unable to function headache. The last few days were different. First off they were on the right side of my head. I do at times get right sided headaches usually related to neck pain radiating up to my head (The right side of my body is what is affected by my SM). Thankfully, I was able to take an Aleve and put on my neck brace and by afternoon my headache was gone!!!!!! Too bad they can't all be that easy.

Im praying that it was just an unstable weather system wrecking havoc on my brain. I can't handle another decline.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Crazy weather

I survived the snow storm! NY city got a record 26 inches! My area was much less- thankfully. Now, a week later it was 60 degrees F yesterday- nearly that today but tonight it is dropping to 28F!!!!!! We are dealing with huge wind gusts right now. This afternoon one blew my blinds right off my screen porch window!

So how does this all effect me? Im a bit achy and off balanced. My injury for the week(or so it seems these days) I was bending down picking up something I dropped yet again and I stood up and hit my lower back into the door knob. It still hurts. Just add it to the list.

Hoping the weather system will stabilize soon- Im running out of places for black and blue marks!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blizzard Warning

They are predicting a really bad storm here in the North East starting this evening. Im already feeling it. Ugh.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hair Cut

Yesterday I went to get a haircut. For most people this is no big deal and even enjoyable- for me a huge pain in the neck (literally).
First off I am not able to lean back into the sink to have my hair washed. My spine is fused from my skull down to C4- bending backwards... not going to happen. I found that I can lean forward into the sink. I sit in the chair facing the sink and lean in with a towel over my face. I get good and soaked and usually the floor gets a bit wet but it works for me! I have even had my hair highlighted this way!
Thankfully my hairdresser is fully aware of my limitations and he tries to be gentle. I find that all the tugging on my hair (brushing, blow drying etc.) is really rough on my neck. I usually take a motrin before my appointment and then take another after. Occasionally I need to wear my neck brace for a bit after just to give my neck a rest.
Amazing what one will go through to look good!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rough Days

I had one of my monster headaches that started Friday night and ended Saturday evening. I spent most of that time in bed miserable. Of course I knew it was coming because the weather was crappy- lots of rain. What surprised me was the start of another headache last night (monday).

The weather was fine- no rain maybe a bit overcast but come on already! I spent the evening in pain with my neck brace on trying to get some sleep. The pain is gone now it is 2:00 tuesday afternoon. The only thing I can figure is that this morning the barametric pressure was dropping and was set at 29.85 (according to my new bible the Weather Channel). I'm becoming a weather geek- trying to figure out what exactly sets me off- seems like the barametric pressure has to be dropping and below 29.90. Anybody want to explain to me why and what the heck I'm supposed to do about it???????

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Car Trouble

My car is slowly falling apart. O.k it is 12 years old and that is to be expected but I was really hoping to hang on for a couple more years! I came home from grocery shopping the other day and my driver side window would not close. It was late Saturday afternoon- my usual mechanic wasn't open and rain was expected that night and next day. Great. My father came over to take a look. He made the situation worse by opening the window all the way. Now it was wide open and no way to close it. Thankfully the Toyota dealer was still open so we drove it over there. They were able to manually close the window complete with a piece of duct tape on top until I could get it fixed. Gave me a $500 estimate to fix it. Thankfully my mechanic was able to fix it for less than half that price. Unfortunately I had to wait a couple of days to get it to the mechanic during which time the window fell down a bit again (so much for the duct tape) and it was raining. Thank God for Saran Wrap! I wrapped the crap out of the window and it seemed to survive. P.S-I have started a new car fund.