Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rough Days

I had one of my monster headaches that started Friday night and ended Saturday evening. I spent most of that time in bed miserable. Of course I knew it was coming because the weather was crappy- lots of rain. What surprised me was the start of another headache last night (monday).

The weather was fine- no rain maybe a bit overcast but come on already! I spent the evening in pain with my neck brace on trying to get some sleep. The pain is gone now it is 2:00 tuesday afternoon. The only thing I can figure is that this morning the barametric pressure was dropping and was set at 29.85 (according to my new bible the Weather Channel). I'm becoming a weather geek- trying to figure out what exactly sets me off- seems like the barametric pressure has to be dropping and below 29.90. Anybody want to explain to me why and what the heck I'm supposed to do about it???????


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