Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dangers of numb fingers

I cut my knuckle the other night on a tin can. The worse part was I barely felt it. I just happened to look down and see blood dripping down my finger. Thanks to Syringomyelia, I have limited sensation in my right hand. It is much better than it had been 5 or so years ago when I had nothing at all- no sensation and no function. Before my last surgery in 2001, the numbness extended up my arm and across my chest. I also had small pockets of numbness in random places on my back and toes. I was a little worried when the cut wouldn't stop bleeding. I didn't want to go to the ER- plus it was dark out and I don't drive in the dark.....blah, blah. It eventually stopped bleeding until I accidentally hit into something and then it was back to my impersonation of the Statue of Liberty and a whole bunch of band aids. I think I will live- just won't be eating anything from a tin can for awhile!


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