Monday, November 21, 2005

Bad Weather=Bad Erika

The weather is supposed to take a real turn for the worse here in the north east. Rain is supposed to start tonight and then it will snow. The weather channel had it snowing until friday! That usually means I'm not going to be able to function for several days. I am very much effected by changes in barametric pressure. I can feel a storm coming on up to 24 hours in advance!

I started to feel sharp pain in my neck last night which is always the precursor to my storm nightmare. Today I am really off balance- I fall into just about everything and my swallowing is worse (I have trouble from time to time swallowing anything- pills are my biggest enemy). Right before the rain starts I will feel a pressure in my head and a throbbing behind my left eye. Usually I need to go lay down and usually end up falling asleep. Once the rain/storm hits I either feel better or launch into a full blown migraine. I haven't figured out exactly what conditions make me worse and what makes the pain go away but I'm betting 4 days of crappy weather is a migraine starter. Who knew that when I went in for brain surgery I would come out with Doppler Radar in my head?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

You are such a trooper... keeping up the good attitude helps with this but some days......... It's great to hear your resolution to keep going strong. Hopefully, they will some day come up with an answer to this health tragedy.

--living with PTSM and trying hard to not let it adversely affect my life : )

12:08 PM  
Anonymous John Galt w/NF1 said...

!Right On with the on-board Doppler Radar we've got that lets' us know when a storm has finally Broken ~ I might consider in retrospect that the air pressure changes associated w/storm-fronts; facilitate disruption in normal secretion of cererbral/spinal fluids like develop spinally - syrinx(s). Why I waken when it rains - who knows. We are influenced.

John Galt w/NF1

3:04 AM  

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