Thursday, February 02, 2006

Car Trouble

My car is slowly falling apart. O.k it is 12 years old and that is to be expected but I was really hoping to hang on for a couple more years! I came home from grocery shopping the other day and my driver side window would not close. It was late Saturday afternoon- my usual mechanic wasn't open and rain was expected that night and next day. Great. My father came over to take a look. He made the situation worse by opening the window all the way. Now it was wide open and no way to close it. Thankfully the Toyota dealer was still open so we drove it over there. They were able to manually close the window complete with a piece of duct tape on top until I could get it fixed. Gave me a $500 estimate to fix it. Thankfully my mechanic was able to fix it for less than half that price. Unfortunately I had to wait a couple of days to get it to the mechanic during which time the window fell down a bit again (so much for the duct tape) and it was raining. Thank God for Saran Wrap! I wrapped the crap out of the window and it seemed to survive. P.S-I have started a new car fund.


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