Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hair Cut

Yesterday I went to get a haircut. For most people this is no big deal and even enjoyable- for me a huge pain in the neck (literally).
First off I am not able to lean back into the sink to have my hair washed. My spine is fused from my skull down to C4- bending backwards... not going to happen. I found that I can lean forward into the sink. I sit in the chair facing the sink and lean in with a towel over my face. I get good and soaked and usually the floor gets a bit wet but it works for me! I have even had my hair highlighted this way!
Thankfully my hairdresser is fully aware of my limitations and he tries to be gentle. I find that all the tugging on my hair (brushing, blow drying etc.) is really rough on my neck. I usually take a motrin before my appointment and then take another after. Occasionally I need to wear my neck brace for a bit after just to give my neck a rest.
Amazing what one will go through to look good!


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